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When we are tempted to magnify our self-importance, if we stop to contemplate the infinity of the greatness and grandeur of our Makers, our own self-glorification becomes sublimely ridiculous, even verging on the humorous. One of the functions of humor is to help all of us take ourselves less seriously. Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of ego.

Featuring Artist Patricia McConnell -

Urantia Book Reader

If you would like to purchase any of Patricia’s art pieces please email her at

You can read Patricia McConnell’s Biography at the bottom of this web page.

Patricia McConnell graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Art Education.  After graduation she continued her studies at Florida A&M University in Industrial Education.  She’s an artist who, until recently, taught painting to seniors living in the Florida panhandle. She recently relocated to Asheville, NC where she continues to pursue her interests in painting, writing and research into the ‘modern dilemma’.

One of the main events of Patricia’s life was the day she walked into the Shambhala Bookstore in Berkley, CA.  This is a spiritual bookstore with books from floor to ceiling with a ladder that glides around the perimeter of the room.  She was immediately drawn to the Urantia Book and purchased it.

Once Patricia got the book back home she flipped through the pages reading about people that had blue skin, others with green skin or, orange skin, red skin and, then there were those who were the color of indigo.  This proved to be too much for Patricia and she put the book away never to touch it again for 7 years.

Seven years later as Patricia was perusing her book shelves her eyes lighted upon the Urantia Book.  She was looking for something big, with many pages to read so she wouldn’t read it too fast.  She picked up the Urantia Book and noticed that it had 2097 pages.

“Now, that would take a long time to read.”

This time she started from the beginning which is always a good place to begin a book. It turned her life around.  The concepts blew her mind.  Day after day, year after year, in her spare time, she read the book.  The orderly science of the words chimed with a chord in her soul. The bell of reality rang loud and clear.

Gradually with that first reading her life began to change.  She experienced a magical and regal peace illuminating her life; turning the once darkened days of a modern world  into her own heavenly abode.    No more waiting.  Just like that, she was a player on the cosmic landscape.

The Urantia Book gave Patricia the courage and strength and opportunity to pursue her   dreams.  Patricia paints in acrylics.  If you’re interested in acquiring any of her work or to commission a painting please send an email to:

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